In the beginning...

was the Word. Which I am trying to get closer to once again. In more than one sense. Writing, in whatever capacity and shape that takes on, as a means to get me there, seems like an adequate attempt of someone who relates to everything through language. Rose Ausländer writes:

Am Anfang

war das Wort
und das Wort
war bei Gott
Und Gott gab uns
das Wort
und wir wohnten
im Wort
Und das Wort
ist unser Traum
und der Traum
ist unser Leben.

God gave us the Word, which was His Son. Jesus is more than just a Saviour. He is a home that we can live in. Changes, challenges, circumstances, storms, unpredictability, catastrophies (followed the news lately?), make it impossible for us to find a home in this world. So....we seek alternatives. The options are countless. This world has a lot to offer, we think. Until we find that none of the options are worthwhile. What then? Then Jesus knocks, gently, asking if He may enter into our broken heart and make it whole again. Asks us politely if we want to live in His house, the only one that is truly safe.

That's where I want to live. In the Word, and in words that help me be aware. Because for whatever reason, God has given me a fascination with and reverance for language, for words, for lyrical expression. I think He has always intended it to be a means to find and have a relationship with Him, His Son, the ultimate Word. So here goes my journey....using and processing words to find revelations about the ultimate Word, being a nomad in this world and making my home in my Mutterland Wort.

references: John 1:1-5, Matthew 7:7, Luke 12:36, Psalm 26:8, Rose Ausländer

Mutterland Wort

Mein Vaterland
ist tot
sie haben es begraben
im Feuer

Ich lebe

in meinem Mutterland

9.6.08 11:31

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